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How do I get a mailbox in Tahoe Donner?


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  • Annette Merriman

    I have been waiting/requesting a PO Box in Tahoe Donner since October 2020.   I am a full-time resident and this is my primary residence.  Truckee has been my primary residence for over six years.  Is there a waitlist so that I can understand how many are in front of me? 

    After three trips this week alone to the post office for packages, most of them were returned to sender, I have finally had Amazon deliver only UPS / Amazon to my home but I still need a Post Office box here in TD.   

    Post Office has been returning all of my packages and mail to sender as address unknown despite multiple forwarding address' slips being completed by me AND having a PO box at the Truckee PO. 

    Help - I need my mail and packages, please.


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